Why choose ETDnow?

ETDnow offers Consulting, Coaching and Collaborative experiences for schools to develop extraordinary leaders! We work with schools as well as PTO/PTAs to support student success.

Every student deserves an effective leader – outside of immediate family, teachers are the greatest and longest-lasting influencer in a child’s life!

With the help of ETDnow, you will receive personalized coaching and support for the school and teachers, based on your needs!


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Helping Students Find Their Own Voices

After watching Sydney Chaffee’s Ted Talk, “How Teachers Can Help Students Find Their Political Voices,” I thought about the importance of teaching students how to stand up, and advocate for not just themselves, but for people they believe in. We’re in a unique situation in our country, with grassroots movements like #RedForEd, and specifically in … Continue reading Helping Students Find Their Own Voices

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