Happy New Year – 2018

Welcome to 2018! Can you believe that we are in January, and half way through the school year?

The second Monday of January is “National Clean Off Your Desk Day,” and a great way to start fresh with your students for the New Year!

Since January 9th is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, incorporate a friendly letter into your lessons and share positive stories about the needs for law enforcement in your community. If you are able to, invite your school SRO or even a local officer into the classroom to talk with your students, and for them to share their letters.

The third Monday (or January 15th this year), is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Below are some great resources to use within the classroom:

  • National Park Services offers lessons focused on empowerment within the K-8 classroom.
  • Education World provides multiple links to a variety of lessons for PK-12th grade to meet all your needs.
  • National Education Association (NEA) has lessons for all three grade spans, K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 for students to put in perspective MLK Jr.’s life, impact on the Civil Rights Movement, and significance to American culture and history.

Lastly, January 24th is National Compliment Day! Integrating a positive classroom environment allows for risk taking and student growth. Whether you are an early education teacher, or all the way up to high school, complimenting one another is a vital component to a safe classroom.

  • Bell Work or Exit Ticket: Give students a randomly drawn name, to provide a compliment to.
  • Brain Break: Circle up and let students provide shout outs to one another about something they enjoy about their classmates – or even you!
  • Novels or History/Social Studies: Have students identify a compliment for a character within a story, or a pertinent person you are studying. They can write a letter to them, or try a Socratic discussion debating whether or not the class agrees with the compliment.

How will you incorporate January dates and celebrations into your classroom? Share in the comments!

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