Option 1: Consulting

plant a seed

Initial Consultation plants the seeds for the future:

  • Assess site needs gathering data through phone, online and walkthrough observations.
    • Programs for individuals or groups using research-based methods
      • Assessments, Policies and Procedures, Accountability, Curriculum Mapping, Culture and Morale, and Leadership
  • Follow-up as needed to implement, modify or assess progress.
    • Reflection and evaluation of the program benefits

Option 2: Coaching


Coaching nurtures skills for individuals or small groups:

  • Work directly with staff to develop a Personal Action Plan that defines measurable goals that can be refined and shared. A process of continuous improvement makes teaching not only more enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding, but also more effective.
  • Coaching can also occur after a training, or series of trainings, provided to staff based on school-wide goals and areas of focus, grade level cohorts or content-specific groups.
  • Follow up coaching and support is provided for staff. Evaluation and application are necessary to acquire the long-term benefits of professional development.

Option 3: Collaboration and Community Building


Collaboration and Community Building harvests the rewards of school-wide implementation.

  • A step beyond Coaching, Collaboration integrates individual teaching styles to build site-wide community standards developed by the entire staff. Although staff will be using individual strengths and developing other areas, it allows for differentiation of responsibilities.  We continue to have a high standard of expectations for each member while replacing potential or existing conflict with respect for diversity of personality, styles, or experience level.

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