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ETDnow was created based on the experiences and research of Cyndie Diver focusing on individualized development and training for educators. She earned her BA in Elementary Education from Arizona State University (Dec. ’08), as well as a MS in Information Technology from Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Business (Apr. ’14). Her education and business background have allowed her to utilize her experiences to identify best-practices for working with educators in a variety of settings and meeting their needs.

Mrs. Cyndie Diver, started teaching middle school in a Title 1 school in Glendale, Arizona in 2009. Entering the classroom in the middle of the school year had its challenges; however, Mrs. Diver built relationships with students in order to gain trust and increase engagement. After moving into a team lead role, she was able to mentor and support newer teachers while collaborating with colleagues. She consistently had increased growth on district benchmark assessments, as well as state tests.

After leaving the classroom, Mrs. Diver entered the charter system as a K-8 administrator responsible for school-wide behavior, curriculum and assessment. Utilizing her skills learned in the classroom, she was able to support new and veteran teachers with classroom management, as well as providing instructional support to over 25 teachers. Using a variety of techniques, teachers were able to receive individualized coaching and support that met their specific needs, while coinciding with school-wide goals.

Mrs. Diver then joined the non-profit sector focused on teacher advocacy and retention. She supervised and mentored Academic Coaches while working with a variety of K-12 teachers across the valley on teacher-selected goals including instructional strategies, curriculum development, as well as classroom management. Additionally, she worked with colleagues to create networking events, with high-quality professional development, as well as advocacy opportunities.

In her spare time, Cyndie created her kids’ school PTO and serves as the President. Along with the help of the PTO Board, they have raised over $40,000 to help support the students, teachers, and community!