What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a professional peer group that comes together on a regular basis to brainstorm and problem solve around important issues. It is a source of support, accountability, inspiration, and education. At each meeting, the group decides on a goal, shares success and failures, and publicly sets intentions/next steps. There is a clear and consistent agenda with alternating opportunities for members to be in the “hot seat” and seek advice from peers.

Our Webinars

We believe in the power of tapping into the years of experience, wisdom, and talent that already exists in K-12 educators and leaders. We also believe in the power of tackling challenges in a structured, solutions-oriented atmosphere. If you do too, join us for a webinar!

Our webinars are structured just like traditional Mastermind. However, we have opted for one-time, stand alone sessions for the 2019-20 academic year rather than a year-long cohort model. Of course, you are welcome back as many times as you would like to participate. Each session will have a predetermined topic and participants will be invited to submit a “Hot Seat” scenario or question they need help problem solving around. Prior to the webinar, all registrants will receive a survey in which they will vote for their top 2 “Hot Seat” questions. The submission with the most votes will be selected for the webinar. 

School Leader’s Mastermind – Where we’ve been.

In the 2018-19 academic year, EDpiphany and Effective Teacher Development piloted the School Leader Mastermind with a focus on teacher retention. This was a year-long, fully online program that brought school leaders together once a month to brainstorm solutions to teacher retention challenges. 

They LOVED it!

Where we are heading.

For the 2019-20 academic year, we are committed to providing access to these types of peer communities on an as-needed, a la carte basis, and we are expanding our work to include opportunities for teachers to participate in these learning communities!

Your Turn – Check Back for Dates!!

School Leader Sessions

April Topic: Improving Teacher Morale 

All school leader sessions will be at 9am Mountain Standard Time. These webinars last 75 minutes and have a maximum of 8 participants. Registration costs $24.99/person.

School Leaders will receive a continuing education credit certificate.

Teacher Sessions

April Topic: Resetting My Class Culture

All teacher sessions are at 7pm Mountain Standard Time. These webinars last 60 minutes and have a maximum of 10 participants. Registration costs $14.99/person.

Teachers will receive a continuing education credit certificate.

Lessons Learned

2018-19 School Leader Mastermind Recaps (coming soon)