ETDnow understands that every situation is unique. For that reason, we offer two types of programs, Mastermind Groups, as well as 3Cs: Consulting, Coaching, and Collaborating.

ETDnow facilitates Mastermind Groups with school leaders, staff, and PTO/PTAs. Mastermind participants challenge one another to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and act as catalysts for growth! 

Additionally, we help schools assess needs, engage staff, and implement changes through:

  • Consulting, with a needs assessment and research-based improvement options, and follow-up as desired.
  • Coaching, for individual or small groups to develop skills that can be shared,
  • Collaborating, for a whole school or district.

At every level, there is recognizable improvement, not only in teacher skills and assessment results, but also increased morale and problem-solving skills that will positively impact the daily lives of students and staff.