• “Cyndie helped me become a better teacher because she encouraged me to reflect on what I can improve. She helps me give my students the quality education they deserve. I don’t want to be an ordinary teacher, I want to be an EXTRAORDINARY teacher!” – Jason H. (3rd grade teacher)
  • “Our school had been under a lot of change and the need for accountability was high. Mrs. Diver has incredible insight that helps her to understand a culture and work within it. This was vital in helping teachers to grow and see their own potential. She was instrumental in multiple teachers showing dramatic improvement in their work.” – Mrs. Taylor (School Leader)
  • “Mrs. Diver prepares teachers to reach each student socially and academically through her leadership skills that incorporate enthusiasm and excitement for teaching and learning. She never makes excuses, but instead finds solutions that meet the needs of students.” – Mrs. Kelly (Curriculum Specialist)
  • “Like all administrators, she faced challenges, but she always handled them in a professional manner while allowing students to retain their dignity, and keeping parents informed.” – Mr. Mosley (Superintendent)
  • “When Mrs. Diver started working with us, I was finally able to stop doing the work of two teachers! It was such a relief to only be doing one job!” – Tom H. (MS History teacher)